What is cashback?
How it works?
and choose a store
02 Make a purchase
through our website
03 Get money in
a convenient way
$ 780 000 paid cashback
158 000 orders per month
72 550 customers in the service
Quick ways to withdraw funds

* The minimum amount to withdraw is $ 1. We have made sure that you have the possibility of withdrawal without commissions and hidden fees

Feedback on working with us

Maria Gridina

I am very satisfied with the service on Yamaneta, in a few months I even brought out cashback, about $ 50. Very responsible operators, since at first I did not immediately understand how it works, they helped me. taught, I can safely withdraw the best cashback!)


Maxim Zhdanov

I made a trial purchase through the cashback service Yamaneta, the cashback was credited a little immediately after payment. Then the next one and after the third I withdrew the first money. It turned out very simply and without nerves, I did not have to contact those support at all.


Alexander Volkov

I bought clothes through cashback. A small but very nice bonus, quick withdrawal of money.

Why we pay money
01 We bring customers
to stores
02 For this shops
pay us money
03 Part of the money we give you in the form of a cashback