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Cashback is credited only for the article net value excluding the value added tax, all other taxes and fees and the additional costs for delivery and shipping.

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Store Reviews


Arpit Tomar

Highly recommend! Excellent cashback service.


Timothy Littlefield

Great product selection and attractive prices are what sets Currys apart from other online shops. I bought headphones and not only did I get them quickly, but I also got some of my money back in the form of a cashback!


Akram Imtiaz Ali

I often turn to this shop to buy appliances. Buying a refrigerator was no exception. There is a great choice on the website, but I was tempted by the promotional offer - there was a very big discount and also a 5-year warranty. By the way, in six months of using cashback, I managed to save money!


M. Arif

I can't say much about this shop yet, as I only used it for the first time. I ordered a game monitor for my child. My son says that everything is okay. The only thing I didn't like is that the prices are sometimes too high.


JOY Dishwashing Liquid

I can not avoid writing here about cashback - it really is credited as quickly as possible and becomes a pleasant addition to the already excellent shopping experience!


Reena Maheswari

By comparing this cashback service with the others I've cooperated with before, Yamaneta looks quite good. But unfortunately, there are some disadvantages.


D Armstrong

I ordered a gamepad for PlayStation on the site of Currys shop at a promotional price, came quickly, quality advice, most importantly the original product. I recommend!


Bonnie Davis

I am sharing with you an unpleasant experience of buying from Currys shop. One time I received a broken fitness watch. I had to make a return, but it was fine. I got my money back.



Good afternoon We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you experienced. In order to successfully resolve this issue, we need additional information from you. Please contact us https://yamaneta.com/tickets We will provide you with clear instructions on how to fix the problem. Thank you for staying with us❤️


Tracy Atwood

How cool it is that you can withdraw money in different ways. PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and Payoneer - very convenient, because for example I have a blocked PayPal account and I always withdraw money directly to my debit card.


Aftab Khatri

As for me, cashback on Currys shop is very small (only 0.8%), but on the other hand it is credited on time and works stably.

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