Basic rules for purchases with cashback

Do you want no problems with cashback accrual? There are several simple rules, following which, you will certainly receive a well-deserved cash reward from your purchase.

  1. You still don't have the browser {browserExtensionLink} installed? We highly recommend installing it as soon as possible. With this tool, you will always receive cashback.
  2. Please check if any third-party browser extensions are disabled before purchasing. Some of them block the accrual of cashback without warning or are able to assign it to themselves.
  3. Importantly, products should be added to the cart after activating cashback and it is best to pay immediately. If you add items to the cart and only then activate cashback, it may not be credited. If you liked the product, but you are not ready to purchase it right now? Then add it to "My wishes" and in the future come back and buy it.
  4. Remember that cashback is credited for online purchases. Any other method (for example, with the help of a telephone consultant) does not provide for the accrual of cash bonuses.
  5. When activating various bonuses or promotional codes, make sure that they are from Yamaneta. If you use bonus coupons that are not registered on the site, the monetary reward may not be credited. This rule also applies to bank cards with the function of calculating cash bonuses.
  6. Pay attention to AliExpress non-affiliate products the percentage of accrual is much lower. You can check the product for affiliation on our website at AliExpress page.
  7. Do not forget that the reward is calculated solely on the actual value of the product. Cashback is not charged on the delivery cost.
  8. To be aware of all the features of calculating cash rewards by a particular store, be sure to read the information on the Yamaneta website. We always inform our users about the features of cashback accrual, tariffs and conditions of each specific store in the Important Information section.
  9. To get guaranteed cashback, try to make purchases using a computer. Crashes may occur when using smartphones or tablets. Unfortunately, the mobile versions of stores are not perfect and do not always contain a special code that ensures cashback tracking.
  10. There are cases when monetary remuneration for the order of legal entities is not charged or is rejected. Carefully read the information on this topic on the store page in the advice section from Yamanet.

Unfortunately, no one is insured against losing cashback. If such situations happen to you, use our recommendations:

! Important
Before shopping, clear your cookies and close unnecessary browser tabs. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Delete will quickly clear cookies.
Just advice
Install a browser on your computer that you will use exclusively for online purchases. Install the Yamaneta extension in it. Do not use this browser to work or surf the net.
When shopping, do not follow third-party pages and links. Remember that the optimal time for complete ordering is 1 hour. During this time, try to select everything you need and make the payment. This will allow you to always receive cashback on purchases.
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