Loyalty program for regular customers Yamaneta

All our clients have become close friends for a long time. This friendship we are not just we appreciate, but we also try to encourage in every possible way.

For this, we launched a loyalty program for users who regularly make purchases with the Yamaneta service.

Each confirmed order and received cashback allow you to increase your status in the program. The higher it is, the greater the percentage of cash rewards for purchases!

Remember that withdrawing funds will not affect your status in any way. Feel free to withdraw funds, and your increased cashback will continue to grow!

Our loyalty program has 3 levels:

"Bronze Manet" (the amount of savings from $ 10) - you get + 10% to the base cashback rate;

Silver Manet (amount of savings from $ 50) - you get + 20% to the base cashback rate;

"Golden Manet" (the amount of savings from $ 150 or more) - you get + 30% to the base cashback rate;

Let's try to understand how it works using the Banggood store as an example. loyalty system:

The basic cashback rate in this online store is 3% of the amount order.

Having become the owner of the Bronze Maneta status, you will already receive 3.3%.

The Silver Maneta will increase the rate to 3.6%.

"Golden Maneta" already guarantees 3.9% cashback from each confirmed order.

Do not forget that activated codes and premium account are not cumulative with status. The client can choose what is most beneficial for him during time of order.

Use Yamaneta service, shop online and enjoy cash reward!

«At the moment we are experiencing difficulties with payments to PayPal, we will fix the problem in the near future»