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The best digital technologies with Red-by-SFR

  • 2022-07-01
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About Red-by-SFR

Red (SFR's digital brand) is a France-based provider of telecommunications and content services. The company has been active in the communications market for over 4 years and has successfully delighted its customers with quality services, becoming one of the leading mobile operators in France.

Red-by-SFR mobile subscribers in France are more than 5 million people in large cities and small villages. In addition, the French company is filming its own series "Serial Kiffeurs". The company employs more than 500 employees who provide customer support in all matters every day.

If you're looking for an operator with quality connections and inexpensive tariffs, look no further than Red-by-SFR. The company offers cheap communication packages as well as tariff plans. This mobile provider is suitable for families and young people who like to communicate a lot and surf the internet without restrictions.

What does Red-by-SFR offer to its customers?

No-obligation mobile plan

Customers who have chosen the Red-by-SFR service provider do not regret their choice because they offer the best mobile plans. The main advantage of these mobile plans is their flexibility. You will be able to choose your own plan parameters (how many GB of Internet you need per month, what speed of the Internet, international calls, SMS, and so on). This is very convenient since you do not have any obligations. By choosing Red-by-SFR, you choose the freedom of communication. And such plans will cost you even less than plans with obligations.

5G and 4G

Red-by-SFR is by far the best provider of mobile Internet coverage. At the moment, the French company offers the best 4G internet in France, but is also developing 5G in the country every day, and wants to cover the entire territory with the fastest wireless network. Key differences between 4G and 5G:

- The main difference is the speed indicator, which distinguishes the new technology from 4G. And it does make sense, as each generation of cellular service has made it possible to transmit data faster than the previous one. 4G+ can now offer maximum speeds of up to 500 megabits per second.

- A 5G network can transmit data 10 times faster than a 4G network does.

- The delay in 4G networks is currently about 50 milliseconds (ms), and in 5G networks, the reduction in this indicator reaches impressive levels.

The mobile app by Red

With the Red mobile app, you can set up your tariff online, find out and top up your balance, activate auto-payment, and get expert support. The operator has good reviews and inexpensive prices for communication services, which is why it is on the list of the best and it is so loved by customers.

Online phone shop


Red-by-SFR not only offers its customers quality communication, fast internet, and experienced support, but you can also buy a new gadget at an attractive price in their online shop with free delivery within 24 hours. At Red-by-SFR you'll find flagship models as well as reliable budget phones. So you'll find a phone to suit all tastes and budgets in their shop.

Get quality communication and support 7 days a week by choosing Red-by-SFR.

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