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The EE connection in every corner

  • 2022-07-04
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Who is EE?

EE is the company that delivers the fastest mobile network in the UK. EE is the UK's number one mobile operator. We provide a service for millions of customers. We were the first to bring 4G and 5G networks to the UK. We currently have over 600 EE shops in the UK. This makes it easy for every customer to get help and all services close to home.

The value of our company lies not only in the quality communication coverage but of course also in the service to our customers. Our main goal is to focus on our customers and do everything possible to satisfy their needs.

In order to gain credibility, we are successfully moving in 4 key directions:

- profit

- simplicity

- reliability

- comfort

To make it as easy as possible for you to pay for each of your purchases, we accept:

- online payment

- card payment

- Google Pay

- Apple Pay

- cash in-store or via courier

Why we're the best:

The fastest network in the UK. Compared to other communications companies, download speeds are half as fast. Our download speed is 66.23Mbps.

Affordable prices, promotions, sales, and student discounts on telecoms rates and equipment.

The EE team is professional. We inspire you by generating a sea of creativity every day. We improve the design and functionality of our shops, and we improve service. And our technicians work hard every day to improve communications and develop technological innovations.

We're the UK's most trusted network operator.

We offer:

Our range of products and services is far more than you could ever imagine. EE is not only about mobile communication, but also about high-quality technology at low prices. The current EE range includes various product categories such as laptops, watches, smartphones, SIM cards, tablets, accessories, and more, global brands, and hundreds of items. We also connect credit and installment programs, selecting the most attractive options for you. We can set up, show, teach, and install the necessary applications for our clients in EE shops. Feel free to enquire and we will do our best and even do the impossible a little).

When technology fails, it's always bad timing. We understand this as no one else. That's why you can take out an additional product guarantee and have your appliances serviced at any time. We only sell original goods from trusted manufacturers. We make sure you get quality and a full money-back guarantee on all our products (even covers and films). Feel free to ask for service and replacement if you find any defects.

On our website, you can check your coverage for functionality with the 5G network. This will make your choice of network much more accessible.


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Samsung Galaxy Watch4

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