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Price comparison in the product catalog with Idealo

  • 2022-09-19
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Idealo is a universal online price comparison platform in the German market. They provide a convenient mechanism for searching for goods and services in online stores in comparison to prices, descriptions, and characteristics. If you know how carefully you need to approach the next purchase of goods, studying the assortment and weighing all offers according to the criteria of "quality and price", you will determine the Idealo online information catalog as a vital thing. For the buyer, Idealo is a menu of the most favorable prices, for the seller it is an opportunity to make them exactly like that.

For the convenience of users – a multi-level search for products by category, manufacturers, and prices. You can view photos, read the description and evaluate the price dynamics of the required product. Thanks to customer reviews, you will learn about the disadvantages and advantages identified during operation, and the rating of firms generated by users will allow you to assess the reliability of the seller. Universal filters by categories and brands in the low prices section will help you choose the most profitable promotional offer among online stores and supermarkets. Their service is an integral part of successful and thoughtful purchases, where you will learn about the price reduction for the model you are interested in and new models in the catalog.

Improving the technology of price comparison, they regularly update the offers of online stores and expand the catalog of consumer categories. Together with users and partners, they create the largest database of goods, services, and prices in Germany.

An assortment of products and services:

The Idealo catalog offers the most complete price database for any product, offering not only the best choice but also allowing you to understand your needs with visual and textual information about your upcoming purchase. The multi-level product search by manufacturers, categories, and prices make it easy to find the most interesting products. In addition to technical descriptions of each model, you can also find out what people think about their choices and leave an independent comment in the Reviews section.

Idealo's catalog is incredibly broad. The site has more than 300 million products and services from more than 50,000 retailers. Today, the site is visited daily by more than 1.5 million visitors who find the best products and buy them for a minimum amount. You will find a wide variety of products that are presented in categories such as electronics, sports and recreation, pet supplies, home and garden, game consoles, pharmacy, car, and many other categories in which you will find everything you need and more!

Price Alert. Idealo developers have created a unique feature called "Price Alerts" that will let you know the best price. How does it work? You set the desired amount for the product yourself, and if the right product appears in one of the stores at the right price, you will be immediately notified of this so that you can make a purchase at the lowest price.

Idealo is not just about comparing prices on products, flights, and hotels. Idealo also provides a newsroom for all visitors to keep you up to date on useful and interesting things. Idealo posts the latest, most interesting articles on various topics. For example, on their website, you can find useful articles on various topics: new things in the world of electronics, energy, leisure, magazine, press, and more.

Do you want to find the lowest price for a product and save money? Idealo - compare prices in a flash!

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