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The pinnacle of women's fashion and style in Patrizia Pepe

  • 2022-09-01
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Patrizia Pepe is an Italian brand and creator of a style that draws inspiration from everyday life. Each collection is a new mix, hides its zest, and reveals femininity from a new side. It is not for nothing that the image created by the brand is sought to try on by true fashionistas. The brand "dresses" its clients from head to toe, offering the principle of a total look. In Patrizia Pepe boutiques, a modern girl will be able to buy clothes, shoes, and accessories for any occasion. Clothes from Patrizia Pepe are mysterious and sexy, reflected in fitted silhouettes and flowing fabrics.

The brand was created in 1993 by the owners of the textile company Tessilform S.p.a. — Patricia Bambi, who was the creative director of the brand, and Claudio Orrea, its president. In the beginning, the entire staff of the "young" fashion house consisted of only 7 people, but already in 2006, the company expanded its staff to 240 employees. The desire to implement a global innovative project in the fashion world led the creators to the emergence of a conceptually new trend in women's clothing. The project turned out to be very successful, and the original Patrizia Pepe models were recognized by young people who appreciate extravagance and style.

Today the firm has over 100 boutiques, including more than twenty flagship shops in the world's major fashion capitals - Rome, Milan, Paris, Antwerp, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, and other metropolises. But they also successfully combine offline shops with online shopping, which makes shopping very convenient.

The range of goods

Patrizia Pepe store offers you to replenish your wardrobe with fashionable novelties. The catalog of models is an unsurpassed duet of style and comfort. It's easy to emphasize individuality with a bright jacket or down jacket, a stylish handbag, or boots. In the Patrizia Pepe store, modern women are waiting for the latest novelties in the brand's collections, which can be ordered and received in two steps.

The fashion boutique will definitely please the new collections of Patrizia Pepe. They harmoniously combined the notes of Asia and Europe. The interweaving of these two cultures gave an excellent result: a very delicate and feminine composition. And in such a light and freestyle, white colors and elegant silhouettes perfectly revealed the main trends of current fashion. Patrizia Pepe jackets, dresses, and jeans have interesting colors, some even contain bright floral prints. This helps to create a bright mood and a bright warm image. On the website, all of them are described in detail by characteristics and placed in the catalog. Also there they are supplemented with high-quality photos that allow you to consider a particular model to the smallest detail.

Collections of dresses, jackets, and skirts in a modern design present a fresh look at the formal dress code, the classic women's suit has become the hallmark and basis of the brand.

Advantages of Patrizia Pepe:

- guarantee of high-quality tailoring and materials used;

- availability of personal discounts, promotions, and the possibility of participating in the bonus program;

- regular updating and replenishment of collections;

- clear size chart;

- delivery to any corner of Italy. You can choose standard delivery, express delivery, or pick up the goods at one of the Patrizia Pepe stores.

Patrizia Pepe knows how to add a twist to a casual wardrobe! If you want to take everything from life, do not miss the opportunity to buy high-quality clothes from Patrizia Pepe at the lowest prices!

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