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Discover the most innovative programs at the lowest prices by Adobe

  • 2022-06-05
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About Adobe

If you work in an office, you've probably handled Adobe products. They employ thousands of people to help you create digital masterpieces. Adobe have been ranked 79th among the world's best companies in 2013. It's a big technological breakthrough these days. Their history started in the USA in 1982.

In just 6 years since the company was founded, Adobe's most popular product, Photoshop, was released. At that time, this program was almost no different from the Paint program, and it didn't take off immediately. Today, Adobe Photoshop is the absolute leader in the field of graphic editors. But in the arsenal of Adobe technology programs there are many other, useful, multifunctional products that you will learn about from this article.

Adobe Illustrator

At first glance, you might think of it as similar to Adobe Photoshop, but it's not. What is the main difference between Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop? Adobe Illustrator is for vector graphics, while Photoshop is for raster graphics. Adobe Illustrator is ideal for web designers, artists, and anyone else who is working on illustrations with vector graphics. With this program you can:

·         Create colorful images and illustrations

·         Design logos and icons

·         Conceive and realize various layouts

·         Work with geometric shapes correctly

·         You can convert a bitmap image to a vector in a few seconds

·         With this program, it is very easy to fill various objects and pictures

·         Layout preparation. It doesn't matter what we're dealing with, a small business card or a huge banner. With Adobe Illustrator you can create and prepare layouts of any size.

·         You can create any text as a beautiful image. That is, you can translate plain text into vector graphics.

What products are made with Adobe Illustrator?

1.       Beautiful vector lettering and fonts

2.       Logos

3.       Patterns

4.       Any layouts for anything

5.       Icons of any shape, even 3D models

6.       Illustrations

7.       Design pages for websites

8.       Animated graphics

9.       Stickers

The advantage of this software is that you can get the original version of the file in almost any media format. It also doesn't matter what operating system you're using, there's no difference between working on Windows or Mac.

Adobe Premiere Pro

This is a real godsend for those working with non-linear video editing. Let's first understand what non-linear video editing is. Non-linear editing is not oriented on the whole video, but on a separate fragment, which is very convenient for editors and directors. They do not need to rewind the tape and look for the exact moment, now it is possible to access the desired moment at once. Adobe Premiere Pro gives limitless possibilities in video editing. Thanks to this program directors can add special effects and transitions in scenes. An indication of the quality of Adobe Premiere Pro is the fact that it is used by popular and major film companies.

Why you should choose Adobe Premiere Pro:

·         A very user-friendly interface that anyone who has ever done video editing can understand

·         Thanks to Audio Clip Mixer your work with audio will be as convenient and easy as possible

·         The program is resistant to errors and failures

·         Almost all functions of the program can be executed through keyboard shortcuts, which you can configure by yourself

·         Quality trimming

On all Adobe digital products, you can save a lot of money because the company often runs promotions and discounts on all of its products. Such discounts can reach as much as 40% , so don't miss the chance to enjoy all the digital technologies at a low price.

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