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Traveling to any corner of the world with Promovacances

  • 2022-07-01
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What is Promovacances?

The Promovacances travel company was founded in 1997, which is a travel professional, and in 1998 the company's website appeared on the Internet. The company's staff includes highly qualified personnel with long-term experience in the field of tourism. In their offices, the number of which is already more than 65 in France, each client will be provided with complete and reliable information about the vacation, as well as all the necessary recommendations. They work with leading tour operators and hotel chains. Promovacances is a stable, reliable travel company. They are confident in the future, as they are able to offer you a tourism product of the highest quality. The basis of work of Promovacances travel agency is an individual approach, respect to the client. They love their clients and value them, as evidenced by the number of people who have used the services of the company - more than 4 million satisfied customers.

What does Promovacances offer?

Promovacances travel company will take care of the quality of your vacation in stunning locations in France or abroad. Whether it is an ordinary week's holiday or a round-the-world trip, they will always help you find the best and most comfortable option, because the client's wish is the law! Organization of tours to any part of the world, securing hotel reservations, booking air tickets and much more can be found exactly in the Promovacances travel agency. You will not regret for a second that you applied to them because they provide the most comfortable mode of spending time - 24/7.


To be in a cruise is how to get into a completely different world. In the vastness of the seas, you will feel exalted and happy. An entertainment program is held every evening, and the extravaganza of the holiday will overwhelm you with positive emotions. At the same time, you have the opportunity to visit several countries and enjoy the national cuisine and the flavor of beautiful cities. Promovacances offers the best prices for cruise tours around the world.

Advantages of choosing Promovacances:

- Simplicity of searching, booking, and buying tours online.

- A wide selection of tours, hotels, flights, and much more.

- The many years of experience of Promovacances and its employees enable them to provide all the necessary services to customers quickly and efficiently.

- The purchase of tour is made without leaving your home or office, anytime and anywhere.

- Saving time, no need to travel specifically to the travel agency's office and adjust to work schedules.

- You choose your hotel deliberately based on actual reviews from real, uninvolved people.

- Payment for the chosen tour online with VISA and MASTERCARD. All information is transmitted via a secure channel using SSL. 3D-Secure technology from VISA and SecureCode from MasterCard is used to protect bank cards from fraudsters.

Social media

Promovacances keeps pace with the times and has its own accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. There you can follow all the company's updates, new discounts, and hot tours around the world.

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