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Horace - your personal assistant for the care of your body

  • 2022-05-02
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In today's society, a person's appearance plays a very important role. Just like women, men need to take great care of their appearance. If you're among those who think that make-up and body care products are not a man's business, you'd be wrong. Many men who want to look healthy and beautiful focus just on cosmetics for the face and body, directly. Note that apart from shampoos and shaving products, there is a greater demand for exfoliants, moisturizers, anti-aging products, hair products, and dental products. 

What is Horace?

Horace is a French company that manufactures its products for men's body care.

The types of cosmetics for men featured in Horace:

·         Hair care cosmetics, tinting products.

·         Shaving products: products for comfortable and safe shaving (gels, mousses, creams, foams), after-shave cosmetics (soothing, anti-inflammatory, soothing products);

·         Cosmetics for beard and mustache care;

·         Perfumes, eau de toilette;

·         Body Care Cosmetics;

·         Facial cosmetics (creams, serums, ampoules, tonics, lotions);

·         Toothpastes and toothbrushes.

What benefits do you get by choosing Horace?

Safe beauty products based on complexes of natural herbal ingredients help to keep you healthy and young for a long time. A wide range of body care products for men is available in their shop.

The price range for men's cosmetics is very wide - the cost depends on product category, volume, composition, and many other factors. No matter what kind of men's cosmetics you need, you'll find products on the right budget in Horace shops, as the range has hundreds of different kinds.

Their premium men's beauty products differ significantly from mass-market or drugstore grooming products, from textures and fragrances to product formulations. The key distinction of Horace men's cosmetics is their high efficiency and narrow focus on solving care tasks. The most stringent requirements are imposed on the creation of such products: all raw materials are carefully selected, every stage of production is controlled, and components and formulas undergo research and dermatological tests.

They are in step with the times and you no longer need to waste your precious time on shopping. You can order their cosmetic products from the comfort of your couch. And thanks to their user-friendly interface, you can select the product you want and place an order in just a few clicks.

They offer:


Kit Brosse à Dents + Dentifrice

Healthy, strong teeth and a brightly shining smile are everyone's dreams. With this set, which includes a handy, biodegradable toothbrush and toothpaste in a choice of watermelon or mint flavors, your teeth will take on a different look. The toothpaste is made from organic pure substances and will whiten your teeth. Make your smile brighter!


Gel Après-Rasage

Every man has probably experienced skin irritation and redness after shaving. With this aftershave gel, you can get your skin back to normal after you've shaved. Moisturize and calm your skin - that's what this gel does so well.

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