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How long does it take for cashback?

The sequence of cashback accrual: simple, affordable, profitable

The concept of cash back exists in many areas, but it affects most buyers only when they pay for purchases in online stores or purchase goods using bank cards. Cashback is a common service, which consists in the fact that the company, after selling its products, returns a small share of the money earned back to the buyer. Often this cash reward is determined as a percentage of the amount spent. Consumers, of course, rejoice at the pleasant gift, but few of them understand how this works. The system of discounts and sales are familiar things, but the accrual of cashback for many is still unknown. Especially users are puzzled by the question of why stores or banks should give a rather big percentage of sales. In fact, cashback is one of the types of loyalty programs, similar to bonuses or discounts, but it also has its own special features.

How is cashback credited?

Cashback in terms of online shopping is a kind of discount - the return of a portion of the purchase price, which is credited to a separate user's account on the cashback service. After that, the money received can be returned to yourself in any convenient way - through the payment systems WebMoney, QIWI, PayPal, Yandex.Money, to a bank card, phone number, etc. At the same time, the intermediary service does not set mandatory conditions for the disposal of bonus savings, that is, they can be spent anywhere: withdrawn or used for a new purchase. The more you buy, the more you save, and you get money only for using a special cashback service.

Step-by-step procedure for calculating cashback:
  1. Create a profile on the cashback service using a simple procedure.
  2. Select the desired online store and go to it using the link offered by the cashback website.
  3. We select the desired product or service, pay for their cost in the online store.
  4. The seller sends the purchase to the specified address and transfers part of the received funds to the account of the cashback service.
  5. The cashback platform returns the bonus to the buyer. It can be from 1 to 35%.
It turns out that online stores pay cashback sites for their work to expand their customer base. This scheme is used by many large companies, since it turns out to be much more effective and profitable than a simple advertising campaign. Features of the operation of the service are that the intermediary enters into a contract or partnership agreement with the store. When calculating the cashback, all participants in the process remain in the black.

Additional features when calculating Cash Back

An important point to consider when using the cashback system is that part of the money spent is not immediately returned. This usually takes some time: from several days to a month. The exact return period is indicated for each online store separately. There is a convenient notification system on Yamanet: if you install a browser extension or an application on a mobile device, then when funds are credited, a notification is immediately received.

Long terms of crediting the refund to the user's account are due to the fact that the service makes it possible to hand over the goods without any problems or exchange them if necessary. To shorten this period on Yamanet, having received the goods and making sure of its quality and compliance with the requirements, you need to put a corresponding mark on the site, then Cash Back will be credited much faster.

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