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What is cashback?

What is cashback and how to start making money on purchases on the Internet?

What is cashback? Recently, this concept is gaining popularity quite rapidly. Many netizens cannot even imagine shopping on the Internet without a pleasant bonus, since this helps to significantly save their own savings. But what exactly does it mean and how does the whole system work? Translated from English, we get "cash return", and in fact - a return of part of the money spent on goods in online stores. Usually it is calculated as a percentage of the amount spent and can go up to 35%. This is a lot of money, so the suspicion involuntarily creeps in that there must be some kind of catch. However, the Yamaneta service will prove that the operation of the system is transparent and you should not be afraid to use them. In this article we will understand

What are cashback services?

Customers have long been accustomed to and loved the concepts of "discount" and "sale", but in fact Cash Back is much more profitable and easier to use. During seasonal sales, stores try to sell unpopular stale goods to customers, and they promise stunningly huge discounts only after sellers have artificially inflated the cost of products before.
What is cashback? This is a lucrative offer from large manufacturing companies that allocate a lot of money from the budget for advertising and thus try to attract new buyers on the Internet. To do this, they conclude a mutually beneficial agreement for all three parties with special specialized sites that bring new customers to the portals of online stores. It is these services that return pleasant financial bonuses to users. The store gets customers, customers get cash rewards, and intermediary sites get a commission.
Yamaneta cooperates with more than 830 partner stores located in different countries of the world: Aliexpress, Rozetka, Eldorado, iHerb, Comfy, Gearbest, Sportmaster and many other popular companies already use the cashback scheme. Using a simple system, you can not only purchase the desired product, but also save a lot.

How do cashback sites work?

After we figured out what cashback services are, let's move on to an equally important question: how can you still get back some of your waste? To use the service, you first need to register on the Yamaneta website - it only takes a few minutes. For the convenience of using the program, it is also recommended to install a special extension for a laptop or desktop computer, or select an application for mobile devices. After that, everything is quite simple: select the desired online store from the list, follow the link from the site to go to it and make a purchase. After a while, the corresponding cashback amount will be credited to the personal account. You can start saving or withdrawing money immediately: for this, various convenient methods are provided, for example, transfer to a card, QIWI or WebMoney wallet, mobile payments,
Benefits of using the CashBack site:
  1. Flexible form of return of interest on all purchases. Depending on the bonus program of the online store, the amount of cashback can vary from 1 to 35%. If there is a browser extension or application on a mobile device, a notification is immediately received when funds are received. The money accumulated in the account can be withdrawn in any convenient way.
  2. An additional benefit on the Yamaneta website is provided by the “invite a friend” system. Why not share the good news of easily accessible money crediting with your family and friends? If you send them an affiliate link and connect to profitable savings, you will be charged an additional percentage on each purchase.
  3. The service is completely free, easy to use and completely secure. The whole process of work is transparent, there are no hidden fees and charges. Payment is made directly in partner stores, so that cashback services do not get access to their users' data.
  4. It is important to note that CashBack portals do not artificially inflate the cost of products. With their help, buyers really spend less, and the more expensive the price of the product, the greater the cash return. An extensive list of partners allows you to choose services and products for every taste and financial capacity.
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