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Combine the cheapest and best at Peek & Cloppenburg

  • 2022-04-15
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What is Peek & Cloppenburg?

Peek & Cloppenburg is a German department store chain that started way back in 1901. Peek & Cloppenburg began with two shops and a small selection of goods and has grown to a large chain that currently operates 68 shops across Germany.

Peek & Cloppenburg's online fashion shop makes shopping fast and easy. Find the right outfit for the whole family at low wholesale prices and save or diversify your shop range with stylish items from global manufacturers. We work for all customer categories and offer favorable conditions for our customers.

Quality clothing is an important issue for everyone, adult or young. That's why our clothes from the Peek & Cloppenburg shop are high quality. Products for boys and girls, men, women, and other clothes have a certain charm: beautiful models look romantic and modern at the same time.

What can you find at Peek & Cloppenburg?

At Peek & Cloppenburg, you'll find all kinds of clothes for the whole family. The materials used are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. You can buy clothes at very low prices in shops or order delivery to your city.

The site presents a range of clothing that can meet the requirements of each of our clients. There are clothes for all categories: children's clothing, adult, women's and men's. On the site, you will find only those models that have been tested for quality, relevance in this and next seasons, and availability of each family.

Advantages of shopping at Peek & Cloppenburg?

- There are clothes and shoes available for people of all ages.

- Quality service - a team of professional staff will gladly help you with any problems.

- Constant discounts and promotional offers on a wide range of goods.

- We offer the same reasonable prices for all regions.

- A huge size range. We offer clothes for the smallest and largest people.

- Fast and easy delivery to your home.

- Exchange and return of goods.

We offer:

A children's clothing range.

Peek & Cloppenburg presents a children's collection for the very young as well as school children and teenagers.


Incredibly beautiful children's dress made of white lace. Perfect for a special event in your child's life, such as a birthday party. The dress is light and comfortable, thanks to which your child will feel cozy during the whole day.

Women's clothing range. 

We are actively working on developing a range for men and women. It is a modern and comfortable, beautiful and high-quality wardrobe, where everyone will find models to their liking.


These lightweight women's shorts are a perfect choice for a hot summer day. Two spacious pockets, an elasticated waist, and a snug fit. That's all about the JAKE*S CASUAL. These shorts are made of pure cotton.

Men's clothing range. 

Add color to your life with menswear at Peek & Cloppenburg.


The classic black jacket is an essential item for every self-respecting man. The jacket fastens with two main buttons and has two pockets. Perfectly combines with classic trousers and shoes.

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