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Flying with Jet2holidays is very easy

  • 2022-03-27
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What is Jet2holidays?

Jet2holidays is your travel assistant. the second largest travel company in Great Britain.  We are trusted because we are the best. The company provides holiday trips from the UK to all of Europe. Departures from different locations in the UK, namely from 10 airports in the country. So departures are sure to be convenient and fast for you. Cheap trips, huge choice of hotels of different levels. If you have a small budget is a perfect 2-star hotel on the third line of the sea, and if you rely on a decent budget we can offer you a 5-star hotel right on the beach in a sunny part of Europe. Hotels are all-inclusive so you can save money and enjoy your holiday to the full.

Our company has a high reputation in the travel market. This is evidenced by the company's numerous testimonials and awards. For example, Jet2 has won the best UK airline award for four consecutive years.

One good reason to choose us is our prices. You can really save money with our offers. Also if you have a child under two years old.

What do travel packages include?

·         Fly there and back by plane with a transfer from home to the airport.

·         Allowable luggage per person is 22 kg and so is your hand luggage, which you take on board with you.

·         Free transfer to and from the hotel from the airport.

·         All-inclusive hotel accommodation.

·         ATOL protection package.

·     Also, Jet2 has 4 branch offices.


An urban tourist destination across Europe. Trips to cultural capitals, cities with a lot of history. A roundtrip flight, 22 kg luggage, a comfortable hotel, and of course the incredible emotions and feelings of living your weekend with the world's greatest sights.


You don't like outdoor activities, sightseeing, and walking around the city, but prefer to lie by the pool, sunbathe and have a cocktail? Then Jet2Villas is definitely for you. We offer you a private villa for your entire stay. Fly there and back to a sunny part of Europe, on the Mediterranean coast. The luggage allowance per person is 22 kg. Jet2Villas staff will help you choose the best villa for you and save you money. If you would like to go for a walk or even just for a short trip to the shops, we can offer you a rental car. You will be independent of public transport and time, and you will definitely be cheaper than taking a taxi.

Indulgent Escapes

These are luxury offers for our customers. Similar but improved Jet2holidays offers. Luxury hotels of the highest standard, 5+ staff service, 25kg baggage allowance per person, roundtrip, and private flights. You will receive a gift for an early booking of a travel package and a free drink on board to make your flight more enjoyable. You will not use the regular part of the airport, but you will have a VIP area with no queues.


All the same conditions. 22 kg luggage, round trip flight, free transfers. What are the differences then you ask? We have filtered the offers and now you can decide what you need. A night out at a club or a relaxing holiday at the seaside? Or maybe a city break but a change of city every day? Or maybe an active holiday at sea with different sports? Choose what you really want and we'll find the best deal and price for you

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