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Beauty and fashion in one place

  • 2022-01-21
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IMPRESSIONEN is your online shop for living, clothing, and furniture. In the store, you will find everything your heart desires, with a wide range of products on the shelves.

Make your family corner more convenient. In the shop, you can buy everything for your home. Cabinets, beds, chairs, bedside tables, dishes, cutlery, and so on. IMPRESSIONEN is also in line with world fashion and therefore all products are modern and of the highest quality.

The way you look says a lot about a person. The store offers a wide range of women's fashion for every taste and color. Complete your look with a skirt, blouse and new shoes of high quality and low price. Make your look trendy and stylish with IMPRESSIONEN.

A few reasons to choose IMPRESSIONEN:

  • The level and speed of customer service. Our employees do everything to ensure that you are happy with your purchase.
  • The high quality of the goods.
  • Our company carries brands such as Sienna, Reken Maar, Mellow Peach, Makena Lei, One of a Kind, and Cute Couture. We also work with well-known brands such as REPLAY, Kaffe, Set, and Oui.
  • There are always many discounts in the shop. You will be surprised by the low prices of our products.
  • Each season, the store supplements the range with seasonal items. For example summer, Christmas or Halloween.
  • Choose a birthday present for your loved ones from the IMPRESSIONEN online shop and enjoy the emotions of joy for your loved ones. Fill your day with joy!
  • Do you want to be the first to know the news, be the first to know about discounts, and receive a small gift for your birthday? Then sign up for the IMPRESSIONEN newsletter and be first everywhere!

Seating furniture

Impré Armchair

This chair is very soft and you will feel very comfortable in it. The chair impré is available in two colors (blue and pink) and looks like a shell. The legs of the chair are made of natural wood and will fit perfectly into your interior.

Impré Bank

Would you like to enjoy nature? Simply place an Impré bench outside or on your balcony and enjoy nature. A wooden bench with a huge 'favorite place' sign in the center.

Wood display cabinet

This huge showcase from wood is perfect for anyone who has a lot of things and wants to show them to their guests. The two-meter-long white cabinet with glass windows in the middle fits perfectly in the corner of your room.



This offer is just for you. With this black clutch bag from SIENNA, you can complete your look and take all your important things with you, because the bag offers enough space inside. Save up to €30 with this great offer.


UGG sneakers

The high-top sneakers are great for running and long walks because they are super soft and comfortable. These sneakers from UGG have a sporty and simple style. Without unnecessary drawings. Make your day even more enjoyable with these great shoes!


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