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Quality goods only at Globus Baumarkt

  • 2022-01-05
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Information about Globus Baumarkt

Globus Baumarkt is a German chain of huge shops that was founded almost a century ago, namely in 1828. Back then it was just one small grocery shop; a lot has changed since then and they are now one of the largest hypermarkets in Germany.

Globus Baumarkt is an honest and conscientious marketplace that specializes in selling leading manufacturers of gardening equipment and a wide variety of tools and household goods and much, much more.

Their wide range of products includes over 2000 quality items with an official manufacturer's warranty. They deliver to any location in Germany, but if you prefer to shop around, you can simply come to their branch and pick up the products. The prices in their shops are available on the market. What's more, they always have a flexible pricing policy and do promotions and special offers on certain tools which make your purchase even more affordable and attractive.

Globus Baumarkt regularly expands and updates its product range, improves customer service, and cooperates only with reliable suppliers.

What advantages does Globus Baumarkt offer?

They try to be close to their customers and do everything they can to make it as convenient as possible for you to shop in their shop.  Seasonal and festive price reductions will delight the thrifty, and delivery from any of their shops will make shopping comfortable, in all of their shops. Another advantage is that their prices are the same whether you buy online or in-store.

They pay special attention to the quality of their products, the range of their products, and, of course, the quality of service. As they develop, they also bear a social burden. Their many years of experience and the highest quality requirements for their machines and accessories are at the service of you, their dear customers!

They react immediately to new products and trends of the season and incorporate them into their assortment, keeping up with the times. All the machines they sell are tested on sale. You can ask any question and test your purchase in action.

Pay conveniently at Globus Baumarkt. They accept all major online payment methods like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and others.

They are in step with the times and have accounts on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. You can follow their activities on these social networks.

They offer:

Garden & Leisure

Summer Waves Elite Pool


The Summer Waves Elite Pool is a frame pool model that has enough room for the whole family or a large group of friends to swim. Thanks to its rectangular shape and moderate size, the pool can be installed in any backyard. The pool consists of sturdy metal posts and a PVC basin, which is standard equipment for all frame pools. The frame material is corrosion-resistant and not wary of water and water ingress. To install the pool, you'll need 1-2 people and 60 minutes. Pool dimensions: 400x200x100 cm.


Zündapp E-Bike MTB Z801 men

What could be better than an electric mountain bike? 21 gears, 250 watts power, aluminum frame. The electric motor of this bike gives you acceleration up to 25km/h without pedaling. The battery capacity of 417Wh allows you to ride this bike up to 125 km. Pros of this bike:

- Sturdy, reinforced frame.

- Wide, well-treaded tires for good traction off-road and in the dirt.

- Extra cushioning.

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