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Refer a Friend Program Rules

The program "Bring a friend" from Yamanet is one of the forms of mutually beneficial cooperation between the service and our regular users.

Before working with an affiliate program, read the rules:

  1. All users of the Yamaneta cashback service can share the affiliate link.
  2. The link that must be sent to friends for registration is available in your personal account on the "Invite friends" page.
  3. Only those friends who are not registered on the Yamaneta service will be able to use your invitation.
  4. For each friend who registered on Yamaneta using your link, you receive a personal bonus, the size of which is 20% of the friend's cashback.
  5. You can get information about the number of friends attracted by your personal link, the number of their orders, as well as the amount of expected income and the amount of accrued cashback in your personal account on the Invite Friends page.
  6. If a friend for some reason did not complete the order, he automatically receives the “Rejected” status and the bonus for the order will not be credited to you.
  7. If a friend used your referral link and registered through the Yamaneta application (downloaded from Google Play), he is not assigned to you in the program and bonuses for his purchases will not be credited. Registration by reference must take place through the site yamaneta.com
  8. The program does not apply to purchases made by a third party using your link.
  9. The administration of the resource Yamaneta reserves the full right to impose sanctions on violators of the rules of the "Bring a friend" program. As a punishment, the following can be used: exclusion from the affiliate program, deduction of accumulated cash bonuses, as well as blocking an account without the possibility of withdrawing funds.

It is strictly forbidden:

  • Send bulk offers to private messages in social networks, groups, partner store communities, email newsletters, etc. We are against spam in any form.
  • Use contextual advertising Google Adsense, Yandex direct and others.
  • Create any mobile applications, extensions and groups in social networks on behalf of Yamaneta, using the logo and other identity of the service.
  • Place referral links in the comments to products on the AliExpress website.
  • Use part or full name of Lamoda brand and partner stores in domain names of sites and landing pages. Mention the name of the service in advertising materials, messages in the Lamoda group or subscribers of this store in private messages.

If you have a popular blogger with a large number of subscribers - write to us marked “Cooperation with Yamaneta "

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